Recent news has shown that vast numbers of newly registered and long-time voters are ‘disappearing’ from the voter registration lists across the country and in key battleground states.  For example 9000 voters in Florida are having their registrations challenged… a state that was decided by 600 votes in 200.

Here is a not complete list of recent articles that are very detailed in there analysis of this current problem.  Besides the database purges that may or may not be on purpose but certainly illegal the Republican party is suing in places like Ohio to get lists of voters that can be challenged. These are voters majority Democratic precincts and majority Latino/a and African-American.

In addition the firestorm around ACORN is being used to justify voter suppression efforts.  Brave New Films has a clarifying video (Brave New Films – Help spread the truth about ACORN):

What to Do?

Make sure voting problems get documented.  Video the Vote 2008 will let you submit video of voting problems. MoveOn has a ‘No Stolen Elections Fund‘ While there doesn’t seem to be consistency in where to report voting problems nationally each county should have a person or place to report to. Lastly if there is difficulty finding your correct (up-to-date) polling location and want to avoid having to use a provisional ballot that can be easily challenged you can use Google Maps.

It is despartely important that this election not be stolen and it’s hard to say exactly what can be done about it.  Surely though making sure everyone is aware of the irregularities and tactics used to suppress votes is a place to start.

Update: Twitter Vote Report is hosting a “Code Jam Sessions” on Oct 24, 2008 to get programmers together to build tools to help in reporting voting issues.