On June 25th I arrived at Mallam Aminu Kano International Airport in Kano, Nigeria.  This is the begining of Part 2 of my work in Kano (and Northern Nigeria more broadly) exploring the intersections of information technology, reproductive health, education and leadership development.  With the Development Research Projects Centre (dRPC) and the Centre for Information Technology and Development (CITAD) in Kano as well as new partners in Kaduna, Zaria and Abuja this summer promises to be a very exciting and rewarding endeavor. More details, research notes and outcomes will be posted periodically.

Ian and Evelyn are my partners in this undertaking (their blog links are forthcoming) and have had a really exiting introduction to Kano filled with lots of rides on speeding okadas (motorcycles) through the “old city”, Kormi Market and around Nassarawa.

We are anxious to get our work started and experiment with new tools, ideas and methods.  We’ll be trying out mobile-based systems for collecting health care information and connecting people with educational materials as well as looking into alternative energy sources (I have a 70lb box of solar equipment that somehow made it through to Kano without a hitch).

While the Internet situation in Kano proves to be challenging I’ve had moderate success keeping up with e-mail so please feel free to send me your thoughts, ideas or let me know when/if you’re in Northern Nigeria so we can keep up.  If you can call shoot me and email for my Nigerian mobile number.  As always I’ll be available on chat via gmail, aim and skype when available.