kano nigeria mapI’m departing for Kano, Nigeria this Friday (June 20)…  I have no idea how this happened so fast.  I’m going to arrive and work with the Institute for International Education (http://iiesf.org/), dRPC (http://www.drpc-ng.org/), and CITAD (http://www.citad.interconnection.org/).  The goals are to improve the “database” application that I’ve been developing over the last couple years to keep track of Reproductive Health Leaders in several countries around the globe.  In addition Scott (see Scott’s Notes) and I are going to work with local organizations to perform information technology trainings and assessments.  The end goal of the assessements is increased organizational capacity through more effective use it ICTs and potentially a body of knowledge we can use in GIIP to further develop projects and internships in Nigeria and other parts of the world.

I’m hoping everyone can stay in contact with me while I’m away (only until July 15).  You can always use Skype to contact me (email me for my info) and my location in Kano will be at the Tahir Guest Palace:

Tahir Guest Palace, No. 4 Ibrahim Natsugune Rd, Off Ahmadu Bellow Way, Nassarawa GRA, Kano State, Nigeria. Tel:234-064-632057, 646988, 649710 Website: http://www.tahirguestpalace.com.

Lastly if you haven’t seen the early California Voices release check it out and let me know your feedback.  A LOT more work will go into this when I return.

Check back in for pictures, videos and notes from the trip.  Hopefully I’ll keep up blogging when I return.